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Frequently Asked Questions

This SelfieSocial FAQ is for informational purposes, It may not cover all issues that affect you. Any questions not covered here can be asked in our blog
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  • Q. What is SelfieSocial?
  • A. SelfieSocial is a beautiful designed, easy-to-use image sharing social network
  • Q. How do I download SelfieSocial and create and account?
  • A. To start with SelfieSocial, you'll first have to download the app from Appstore or Android
  • Appstore
  • Android
  •     1. Once the app is installed on your device, navigate to to open it
  •     2. Tap Register
  •     3. Create a username and password by filling out all the fields. (Ex:email,name)
  •     4. Tap finished and you should be taken to Social screen
  • Q. How do I change my portfolio picture?
  • A. Changing your portfolio picture is easy. Simply go to your portfolio and swipe one of your current portfolio pictures. You'll see an option to change it. You will be taken to a screen where you can upload your new photo and you're done!
  • Q. How do I update my portfolio information (Ex: basic information, bio)?
  • A. To update your portfolio information:
  •     1. Go to your portfolio.
  •     2. Tap Edit Your Portfolio
  •     3. type in basic information; Bio, Interests and Details.
  •     4. Tap Update and your done!
  • Q. How do I add or take a photo from my device?
  • A.Tap   on status bar, then hit the browse button to start taking and sharing photos!This will open file chooser Android where you will be able to select devices camera or file from your gallery. The ability to choose camera or camera roll will come up from bottom of screen Ios this will give you the choice to take new photo or use existing. Once you choose a photo you may caption it. Then decide who you want to share with and hit the share button all done!
  • Q. What is Social?
  • A. Social is the main news feed. This is where all you and all users will post your selfies and thing that inspire you.
  • Q. What is Discover?
  • A. Discover is a screen where users can find and search out other users.
You are welcome to ask questions here in our comment box and we will try to answer them as promptly as possible!

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